Motion Graphics

Animation & MGFX Specialists


With our in-house Motion Graphics specialists, we are able to produce dynamic animation content for your brand, whether that’s brand idents, stings, video enhancements and special effects or fully animated content.
Our video team has worked with some of the biggest brands around today including Ferrari, Natwest, RBS, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Coca Cola.
Unlike a lot of agencies, we have a full core in-house team allowing us to fully produce content from pre to post production quickly and effectively while ensuring consistency, and quality of the final product.


Compelo approached us to make a promotional video, demonstrating key features their Formula One and Racing analytics app. 

Using the apps graphical assets we were able to break apart the platform design then animate and highlight all key features in a dynamic and interesting way.

Economia Motion Graphics Promo

This is a promo video for Economia magazine, demonstrating the recent brand refresh, successes, and core values the magazine wanted to portray moving forward.

As Economia wanted to fit in a lot of facts, figures, dates, and information like that, we felt that it was important to keep the graphical style simplistic. We did this by mainly focusing on the text with occasional graphical elements spliced in to highlight certain information.

To keep with the brand identity we stuck to the fonts and colours used by the magazine and used fairly dynamic animations to make the video appear engaging as well as keeping the pace up.

Ferrari Tailor Made

We were given the opportunity to film an editorial video at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, looking at Ferrari’s Taylor Made service, which gives customers the ability to customise their car.  

This video was created as a companion video to the main editorial video, effectively demonstrating the product. 

To create this we filmed multiple angles of the display model Ferrari in the design room, along with other materials, wheel options, and textures. In the edit we then composited certain assets and manipulated the car’s colour, interior, and accessories in after effects to be reminiscent of car customisation in video games, as a way of demonstrating the options available.