Video Production Specialists


Our video team has travelled globally to work with some of the biggest brands around today including Ferrari, Natwest, RBS, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Coca Cola and regularly produce editorial video content for national and international Magazines like The New Statesman, Elite Traveler, and Spear’s.
We pride ourselves on being able to produce premium content within a small foot print, while having the ability to scale up to match any project, brief or budget.
Unlike a lot of agencies and production houses, we have a full core in-house team allowing us to fully produce content from pre to post production quickly and effectively while ensuring consistency, and quality of the final product.

RBS Sonas Group Testimonial

RBS and Progressive Content approached us to produce a set of testimonial videos looking into how the Royal Bank of Scotland’s corporate mortgage division has helped businesses expand and what services they offered to assist the companies during this growth.

This video centers around the Sonas Group, a hotel chain based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, talking about how RBS helped them to purchase and refurbish a new hotel property. The video was shot with a three-man crew over three days. This extended time was mainly due to travel time and restrictions to the island. We made best use of this extended time period, shooting as a one camera setup and allowing us more time and flexibility for framing and lighting, as well as travelling to multiple locations across the island in order to best frame the narrative.

33 Metres Below Ground

This is an editorial video we produced in conjunction with Factor Tech Magazine, looking at how the, then new company, Growing Underground, was making advancements in vertical farming in disused tube tunnels under central London.

We found it key to focus on the reasons why farming in disused tube tunnels made sense economically, environmentally, and practically rather than focusing solely on the gimmick of an underground farm.

Bunga Bunga

We produced this promotional video for London restaurant and club, Bunga Bunga, who were keen to promote the diversity of the venue, and how it can be a great location for anyone looking for a fun night out. The key areas Bunga Bunga wanted to promote were their high quality Italian food, private dining, and Brazilian themed cabana club upstairs.

This video was shot in two parts. One was a staged restaurant shoot where actor/extras were brought in to be filmed eating. This allowed us to light the space and use equipment and rigging that wouldn’t be possible with members of the public around. The second part was shot during opening hours with ambient lighting and mainly on a shoulder mounted camera. We did this because Bunga Bunga were keen to show the vibrancy, liveliness, and popularity of the venue.